1.1 – First Door [Introduction]

Sul Sul!!

Welcome to my TS4 Time Lord Challenge! This challenge would not be possible without THIS THREAD on the forums posted by nastyjman. Be sure to review that thread for FAQ’s, other folks taking the challenge, inspiration and fun DW gifs (among other things)!

I encourage you to visit the thread to answer any questions about objectives, regenerations, and the like. It would take up a lot of time to regurgitate it here, when nastyjman has done such a great job on the forums!

[Just as a general note, i’ll be abbreviating Time-Lord to TL from this point out. Also, I find this designation to be gender neutral.]

I wanted to start off with a brief introduction of my first TL.

The first, and most essential, part of the challenge is creating your TL name. Nastyjman provided a link to a TL name generator in the thread. I created a name for my TL, and it generated…


[sidebar: EPIC NAME right?!?!!]

Introducing “First Door“…

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Traits: Collector, Loves Outdoors, Geek, Romantic

07-12-15_6-50 PM-9Trait SnipTARDIS…

Is a closed/abandoned book store

07-12-15_11-00 PM


07-12-15_11-00 PM-2

“Where/when has the First Door landed?!”

“What is her companion’s name?!”

“Does that mean there’s an unlimited supply of books in there?!?!”

All these questions (and more) will be answered on the next installment of


Until then,

“Dag dag!”


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