1.2 – 01.2596.44863.2

(Ughhhhhhh… Why do I feel like I’ve been asleep for a millennium?) Slowly, she blinked, each pass of her eyelids revealing a world before her less than blurry than before. Her mouth dry, she could feel the skin pulling around her mouth as she attempted to speak, only coarse air escaping her partly opened lips.

07-13-15_8-57 PM-2

Suddenly, a shrill voice began speaking at first at a distance, then close, and far away again. Trying to open her eyes, she only caught glimpses of a glowing blue figure. The voice was shrill, but kind. (Arrrrrghhhhhhh) She managed a groan and attempted to break the stiffness from her fingers.

Now, now. Take it easy. Do you want to sit up? Alright, but let’s be slow about it.

She was aware of a small hand on her back, coaxing her into a sitting position. Her head was pounding, and swimming. Like an underwater drum.

Here, drink this.” 

A sour gold liquid spilled over her tongue, awakening her taste-buds and all but curing the dryness immediately. Blinking, she obviously had a look of amazement on her face because the tiny voice giggled a bit.

“I know, it’s a miracle worker.”

Wh-What happened?”

She was startled by her voice, for some reason it wasn’t what she was expecting, but that was silly, since how else was is supposed to sound? The kind voice giggled again, placing a soft hand on her shoulder. After a bit more coaxing, her facilities returned, and she felt a soft warmness coaxing her from the inside. The elixir, she supposed.

She was able to sit upright, unaccompanied. The blue figure informed her she would be making her something to eat, and soon the smells of salt, a sizzle and the haze of food filled the small room.

While she waited, she took in her surroundings. It was a comfortably sized area with a soft blue tone on the walls and consistent white and grey decor throughout. There was also a pleasant bouquet of tulips across the room (my favorite...) she thought.

07-13-15_7-46 PM

Her blue companion announced that it was time to eat and as she stood, she almost missed the tiny beige envelope beneath her foot. (What the…?) She bent down and grabbed the envelope for inspection. It had a thin layer of dust that coated the tips of her fingers where she touched it. (Odd…)


…was written in large, exaggerated font, in all capital letters. Below that…


…the same exaggerated lettering, just a bit smaller.

The paper sent chills up her spine and she quickly pocketed the discovery, making her way to the table to eat and hopefully discover a little more about this kind being who had so dutifully cared for her.


07-13-15_7-43 PM-2

One bite, and her hunger returned full force. While she was inhaling her first meal in what felt like years, Teka explained that she was an alien, designed to watch over and care for whomever she was assigned to. She further explained her skills in cooking, cleaning, general wound care, computer programming etc…

Taking all of the information in, her mind began to wander. She focused on the flowers across the room, then on the out-of-place bookshelf that was obviously a door. She began to notice there were no windows. A heaviness fell in her stomach and she fingered the dusty paper in her pocket.

Teka…” She interrupted. “Who am I?”

A soft, knowing smirk curled onto Teka’s lips.

I thought you’d never ask. Come with me, it’s time to show you something...”

07-13-15_9-42 PM-2


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