1.3 – Cryptic

You’re the Door. The very first.”

She blinked. A knowing nod.

This...” Teka motioned to outside the bookshelf door and the small room they now occupied. “is your TARDIS. Though, it’s been dormant for quite some time apparently. I’ll need to spend much time repairing it before we’re able to travel again.”

Teka smiled, taking in the room. “I call this room the brain...” Teka continued for quite some time, her passion for computers and programming shining through. Door was enraptured by the wealth of information.

07-13-15_9-39 PM-2

She didn’t feel confused by any of this information, TARDIS, Door etc… The words didn’t feel new to her, more like an old friend that she needed to get re-acquainted with. She just wasn’t sure what this situation meant to her specifically, yet.

Teka, I – I found this.” She presented the dusty envelope.

Let’s have a look, then.

07-13-15_7-49 PM-2

Inside the envelope was a small notebook. Each page blank, except the first, where in the middle of the page, that same, eerie handwriting, left a note…

-[the eve tree creaks ghostly]-

The eve tree creaks ghostly...” reading it aloud sent chills down her spine and left an odd silence in the room you could cut with a knife. Suddenly Teka became anxious, very much less composed than in the many situations she’d been in, in just the past few hours alone. “It’s rather cryptic...”

May I-…” Teka’s eyes darted. “May I take the notebook into the brain for further analysis?

Door ran her fingers over the tiny book, now closed, now noticing the soft crushed velvet beneath them. “Of course.” She slid the unexpected find across the table to her companion. She very much wanted additional time with the book, but didn’t want to seem suspicious.

Immediately, Teka’s mood lightened. “Oh!” She exclaimed, in almost a laugh “I’ve got a small project in mind for you until you feel well enough to explore and help gather resources for the brain to start functioning fully again.” She produced three tan packets of seeds and handed them over. “Follow me, I’ve got something else to show you...”

07-15-15_10-22 PM-2

It seems our TARDIS has had a bit of a malfunction and is stuck as an abandoned bookstore. The 103 model did have this sort of problem occur it its day...” Teka trailed off. “…though, I suppose it’s not so bad really. Can you imagine having to hide in something random like a metal shipping container, or a phone booth?

Teka laughed. (An inside joke apparently…) Door thought to herself.

She continued explaining access points etc… “Let me show you through the back, where your project is.”

Of course, we’ll always need a steady source of food, so while you were sleeping I started a garden...”

07-15-15_10-29 PM

“...and i need you to take it over.

Before she had time to think about objecting (which she wouldn’t) Teka had left her with the seed packets and instructions for care. Door felt, at peace. Warmed by the sunlight and listening to the birds. She smelled something faintly sweet in the air and mulled over the many questions that began bubbling to the surface.

“…The most important thing.” Teka snapped Door back to reality by taking her shoulder. “Don’t leave the TARDIS. You’re not ready to go off exploring alone yet. I’ll be inside working on the brain, but let me know if you need anything.

With that Door was left to the silence of her thoughts again. She heeded Teka’s advice, gardening well into the night.

Gardening completed, the night dragged on. Sleep did not find her. Door headed outside to take in some moonlight, and instead found herself farther away from the TARDIS than she’d ever imagined…

07-15-15_10-40 PM


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